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Steel Rose, Editor, Collection Advisor

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Checklists & Training Tools

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Credit Card & Commercial Collections Crossword

Click here for the Credit Card & Commercial Collections Crossword!     Answers: 1. TWO...

Collection Software Purchase Checklist

Collection software is a major investment that can either set an agency up for success or condemn it...

Student Loan Crossword

Click here for the Student Loan Crossword!     Answers: 1. CONTINGENT 2. BANKRUPTCY 3....

Place of Employment Crossword Puzzle


Skip Tracing Challenge

12 Step Compliance Program

How to Buy Debt A to Z

Compliance and Debt Buying Crossword

Top 3 High-Volume Collection Tips

Tips for IVR

Dear Dunham

Letter to Bob Dunham

More Creative Collection Training Tips

More Ways to Motivate Your Collectors

Columnist Nick Jarman

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Collection Agency Advisor

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Increase Competitiveness with a Skip Tracing Plan

Increase Competitiveness with a Skip Tracing Plan

Skip tracing is an essential element of the debt collection process. Efficient and effective skip...

Incorporating Compliance Objectives with Performance Incentives

Incorporating Compliance Objectives with Performance Incentives

There’s a motto I have these days that says, “it’s all about performance until it’s about...

The Three Pillars of an Agency

First off, let me say thank you to the readers who have reached out to me from the last article “The...

The Death of an Agency

For over 10 years I have written about my personal experiences and knowledge from working in the ARM...

Fools Gold? Cubic Zirconia? The Decline of Credit Card Collections

Have you ever been fooled by someone showing you their gold watch, gold necklace or diamond ring?...

How to Join the Government Contract Gold Rush

Letters Making a Comeback

What Can a Day Care Teach Us About Dialers?

Debt Buyers "Pay" Attention

Using Public Relations to Combat a Rocky Road

Credit Card Collection Strategy

Experience is Experience

"And the award goes to..."

Specialize or Diversify: Credit Card Challenges and Student Loan Growth

Negotiating Unsupported Frivolous Lawsuits

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Feature Stories

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Spring Cleaning for Your Agency

Every spring, garages are cleaned out and cobwebs are swept away in households across the country. Not...

Direct Drop Users Speak Out

The potential for lawsuits due to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) has led collectors to...

Debit Cards & Bitcoins Surpass Credit Cards for Those Under 35

Payment processing and presentment fits into the larger topic of eCommerce. The collection business has...

How to Avoid a Lawsuit

Here are some ways you can avoid lawsuits provided by compliance experts Janis St. Martin, vice president...

Bitcoins, Dwollas and Frictionless Transactions

Coming to a consumer who is late paying his/her bill, in the near future if it hasn’t happened already,...

CFPB Under FIre From Consumer Advocate Groups

Direct Drop Voicemail Technology Gains Momentum

6 Tips for a Positive Talk-Off

To Foti, Or Not To Foti...3 Rules of FTC Court Order

Medical Collector Manages Motivation

How the Cloud Makes HIPAA Affordable

NSA Cyber-Tracking Avoidance Techniques

7 Things Every Collector Should Know

What You May Not Know About A Collection Agency...And Why

From Classroom to Collection Floor

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Cover Stories

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Skip Tracing Private Eye

Skip Tracing Private Eye

An extensive network from which to draw intelligence and support can be one of the greatest tools...

Huddling Around Compliance

Huddling Around Compliance

The struggle to stay on top of the mound of compliant collection will never cease. It is constantly...

Morris Keeps ACA Rockin'

Patrick J. Morris, ACA International’s chief executive officer, came to ACA during a tumultuous...

Painting the Grass Greener in Telecom Collections

The amount of fire telecom collections is under due to the TCPA is enough to get even the most optimistic...

Hitting Credit Card Collections Out of the Park

The world of credit card debt collection is becoming one of great difficulty. This difficulty ensures...

Student Loan Collectors Help Government Stay Afloat

Tracking Like a True Tracer

Focus on Compliance to Master Medical Debt

Collection Heros

Collection Heros

Keeping Telecom Grand

Student Loans Exeed a Trillion Dollars

Collecting America's Fees: Government Collections

The Thrill of the Hunt

Top 25 Most Influential Collection Professionals 2011

Columnnist Brian Cutler

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Technology Advisor

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Have the Best Skip Tracing Data?

Have the Best Skip Tracing Data?

I was once sitting in a conference room where a group of us were doing a request for proposal for...

Technology Trends That Will Change Business As We Know IT

Technology Trends That Will Change Business As We Know IT

Business owners today must deal with a myriad of short term technical issues: ensuring that the...

Technology Addresses Document Management Problems

Every agency faces the monumental task of managing the myriad of documents that support their business...

Virtual Desktop Initiatives Lower Technology Costs

Today’s economic environment is continuing to pressure agencies to do more with less: lower liquidation...

Hi Tech Requirements for the HITECH Act

This column has addressed a number of security related requirements that result from regulatory...

Telecommunication Options for High-Volume Campaigns

Sony PlayStation Compromise Underlines the Need for PCI Compliance

Data File Format Conversions Improve Client Relationships

Your In-House Databases Provide Internal Skip Tracing Process

Disaster Recovery Plan in the Age of WikiLeaks

Technology Addresses Document Management Problems

Columnnist Debra J. Ciskey

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Compliance Advisor

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Avoiding Skip Tracing Traps

Avoiding Skip Tracing Traps

Skip Tracing, it seems like a simple process, doesn’t it? We make a phone call, we ask someone a...

Comparing Scorecards with the CFPB

Comparing Scorecards with the CFPB

Quality assurance is a common practice in call centers and collection agencies. Even in the smallest...

Compliance for the Long Haul-CFPB Hints at Future of Collections

I have had a vision on my mind for the last six months. I visualized myself getting on my bicycle,...

The Art of Responding to Consumer Complaints, CFPB-Style

“We are a collection agency, sir, not the customer service department.”  If you want to drive...

A Bicycler's Road to Compliance

I am a bicyclist. Not a lot of people know that about me. I started cycling in 2011, and this year...

Compliance Management System Requirements of the CFPB

Managing Third Party Risk

CFPB: Your New Medical Examiner?

Defending Lawsuits with Jedi Precision

Reduce Collection Letter Complaints

Collection Agreement Essentials

Regulatory Changes Include FCC Requiring Consent But Not in Writing

Recurring Telephone-Initiated ACH Debit Entries

Template - John H. Bedard, Jr.

Template - Debra J. Ciskey

Columnnist Ron Brown

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Skip Tracing Advisor

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Skip Tracing Sources You Should be Checking

Skip Tracing Sources You Should be Checking

I am often asked, “How did you find them? We ran all the data searches and came up with a blank.”...

What to Never Say When Skip Tracing

What to Never Say When Skip Tracing

In the last issue we discussed the importance of tracers being knowledgeable of the HIPAA statutes...

HIPAA: A Skip Tracer's Minefield

One of the many laws a collector must have is an acute knowledge of the Health Insurance Portability...

Tips for Successful Web Cybertracking

The acronym used to denote the World Wide Web, WWW, is called that for a reason. It is the gateway...

Commercial Account Tracing

In this article we will take a look at a different type of tracing. Instead of looking for an individual...

Finding the Student Loan Trail

A Skip Tracing Retrospective

Power of Imagination

Is Skip Tracing an Art or a Science?

Overcoming Purchased Debt Obstacles

Credible Credit Card Information

Two Sources a Skip Tracer Needs

The Secret of the Skip Tracer's Positive Mental Attitude

“THE VOICE”: Skip Tracing by Mirroring Response of Informants

Skip Tracing: The Hunter Instinct & Communication

Columnnist Harry A. Strausser III

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Collection Training Advisor

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Win, Place or Show: Chasing the Lucky Rabbit

Win, Place or Show: Chasing the Lucky Rabbit

If you are like many of our readers, there never seems to be enough time in a day or a week or a month...

Automate the Process to Document Your Compliance Program

Automate the Process to Document Your Compliance Program

When it comes to training in the collection industry, I guess you could say that I have been around...

Turn to the Light: A Field of Opportunity in the Medical Industry

I have often referred to the beauty surrounding my hometown region of central Pennsylvania in my columns....

How's Your Curb Appeal? The CFPB is Coming

I have always been fascinated with real estate. Ever since I was a young adult I have enjoyed looking...

Building a Successful Wellness Program

A few weeks ago I was walking down the main street of our rural Pennsylvania community and passed...

And the Award Goes to...

The CASE of Quality Assurance

Disaster is Lurking: Are YOU Ready?

VoIP Telephony Solutions

Success in Planning is the Key to Succession Planning

Let it Be Written!

Are We Having FUN Yet?

212 Degrees in 2012

Learn from the Salmon: Head Upstream!

Benchmarking Makes the Best Better

Columnist Fred N. Blitt

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Legal Collection Advisor

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Developing a Letter Practice for Your Collection Law Firm

Developing a Letter Practice for Your Collection Law Firm

While we all know that collection letter strategies are key components of most collection agencies,...

Compliance at the Local Level

Compliance at the Local Level

Debt collection is a highly regulated practice. As we are well aware, there are federal laws, regulations...

Privacy's Major Impact on Medical Collections

Collection activities involving medical debt are primarily governed by the Health Insurance Portability...

The Importance of an Affidavit

As many of you know, the most critical document to obtain a judgment is often not the complaint but...

New CFPB Regulations: How is Your Firm Responding?

In January, our industry was introduced to a complex and ever-growing form of regulatory oversight....

Legislation May Limit Student Loan Collections

Are You Paying Attention to Your Skip Tracing Costs

What to Know About CFPB

Compliance Call Recording is Just the Start

What are YOU doing about state and federal legislation?

Credit Card Collections: Pitfalls for Debt Buyers

Fines Are No Longer Debt According to FDCPA

Skip Tracing Issues That Impact Collection Law Firms

Mortgage Deficiency Collections

The Dilemma of Privacy vs. Pleading in the HIPAA Era

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Software Reviews