Top 6 Skip Tracing Solutions 2011

  • Written by Jasmine Temares


Color-Coding Option Focuses on Recently Added Information

CBCInnovis provides risk management solutions to customers in the business, government and not-for-profit sectors throughout the U.S. CBCInnovis’ Right Party Contact (RPC) solution improves collection efficiency and productivity by helping to find hard-to-reach individuals. CBCInnovis’ data-rich resources coupled with its proprietary technology will yield and relate multiple active name variations, phone numbers and mailing addresses from various sources to one debtor.

Benefits and Features

  • Displays all name, address and phone number variations — all aliases, current and past contact information are displayed.

  •  All possible information is provided, enabling the user to track down aliases quickly and get the correct party contact.

  •  Comparisons repeatedly show more phone numbers are available to collectors and skip tracers.

  •  If color-coding option is selected, phone/address information that was provided in the past 12 months will appear in blue, and information that has been recently provided will appear in red.

What Users Say

“CBCInnovis has been a long outstanding vendor of Enhanced Recovery Company, LLC in providing unmatched service,” says Kim Howell, president, Enhanced Recovery Company, LLC, Jacksonville, FL. “Their staff, whether interacting with our collection personnel or our Executive team, is professional, courteous and efficient. CBC’s flexibility and ability to be readily available to facilitate on-site training to our agents further emphasizes their dedication to establishing and maintaining strong customer satisfaction. CBCInnovis is able to deliver a reliable and comprehensive product at a competitive price without sacrificing quality or the speed in which their services are delivered.”


RPC enables users to reduce the number of uncollectible skip accounts, increases contacts with the right party and reduces return mail volume by finding more reliable addresses.


SEARCH Smarter Pulls Data From Multiple Sources

Interactive Data (ID) provides information, search and directory assistance service-based solutions to help clients locate skippers. ID assists clients in finding, developing and managing relationships to help their businesses grow. ID’s automated batch processing allows for large-quantity searches, while saving labor costs and reducing errors. ID offers on-demand access allowing businesses to search aggressively, narrow criteria or broaden the search scope without charges for unwanted hits, secure logins, administrator features and detailed billing that offers examination of each associates’ effectiveness. ID’s Return on Investment (ROI) driven solutions include robust API integration and quality not quantity data accuracy. With ID’s SEARCH Smarter, clients are given the broadest possible search as ID evaluates and pulls data from multiple sources and applies its proprietary algorithms. 

Benefits and Features

  • SEARCH Social Security Numbers is updated on a monthly basis and can return results for up to eight previous addresses, relatives and associates.

  •  SEARCH Active Duty Status enables users to uncover critical data such as duty status and branch of service.

  •  SEARCH Cell Suppression allows users to screen their lists by identifying and suppressing cell phone numbers from caller lists. 

  •  Data Warehousing offers Batch users to house non-hit records and then re-run them when database updates arrive.

What Users Say

“Fresh from a debt buyer conference where I was introduced to the folks at ID, I contacted them for help,” says a customer who cannot be identified because of corporate policy. “Within an hour of delivering my file, I received my file scrubbed, updated and ready for my collectors to work their magic. I couldn’t have been more pleased.”


Lenders, debt buyers, collection agencies, law firms, healthcare providers and any company that requires contact data can see tangible top and bottom line lift using ID solutions.

Interactive Data

Business Searches Offer Immediate Access to Records

Accurint for Collections by LexisNexis Risk Solutions is a suite of debt collection data and skip tracing tools that help collection professionals identify assets and locate individuals and businesses that owe debt. Accurint leverages data from over four billion records on more than 200 million individuals. Accurint returns current addresses, cell phone numbers, relatives, roommates, associates, property, work and business locations to help improve debt collection efforts. 

Benefits and Features

  • Link ID analyzes partial and complete records and then filters and links that information to provide a more complete picture of an individual.

  •  Phones Plus allows users to access numbers not currently included in the Electronic Directory Assistance (EDA).

  •  People at Work links individuals to businesses and includes business address, phone number and possible dates of employment.

  •  Business searches allow users immediate access to active and inactive records of incorporation, pending filings and DBAs.

What Users Say

“Nearly 10 years of practical use and empirical testing has convinced me that LexisNexis Risk Solutions is the premier information provider for the debt collection industry,” says Tony Caram, director of business strategy, Weber Olcese, Troy, MI. “The deep databases, sophisticated analytics, and willingness to provide customized solutions are just some of the reasons they are an integral part of our business.

 I have found working with data partners who actually understand our business to be an absolute necessity when building workflows and maintaining best practices throughout our information acquisition operations. LexisNexis Risk Solutions certainly does not disappoint when it comes to industry knowledge.”


Accurint for Collections enables collectors to locate debtors quickly and easily through its extensive collection data and proven skip tracing tools.


Credit File Provides Picture of Debtor's Whereabouts

MasterFiles has provided information solutions for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses since 1989. MasterFiles’ proprietary software platforms are capable of seamless communication with various database systems delivering quick, real-time, accurate information services through a Web portal. The suite of services offered by MasterFiles addresses the needs of companies that rely on precise data to locate specific markets or specific individuals.

MasterFiles’ Probe360 accesses virtually any type of record that could assist users in locating a debtor. The system deploys sophisticated algorithms that sort these records into useful categories, which enables both staff and auto-dialers to work more efficiently. With Probe360 users are able to get access to key records. 

Benefits and Features

  • The Probe360 Contact Report provides the current phone data, social security number, date of birth, date of death, related addresses, AKAs, spousal information, contact information of associated individuals, neighbors and related real property. 

  •  The Probe360 Credit File provides a picture of the debtor’s whereabouts, including relatives, associates, nicknames, shopping habits, working phones, real property, landlords, bankruptcies, liens and judgments. 

  •  Probe360 is available anytime, anywhere with interactive access that offers users immediate response for immediate action.

  •  Probe360 has nationwide coverage of all 50 states. 

What Users Say

“I have used Probe360 in the past, and I found the product to be really beneficial,” says Sally Roper, collection manager, Merit Medical, Richlands, VA. “In most cases I have been able to locate the person I’m looking for.”


By presenting all of the facts about a debtor in a user-friendly search platform, finding debtors becomes a quick and easy process without the commitment of monthly fees or monthly minimums. The search products are presented in a-la-carte fashion, so the user can select the necessary tools.


Cell Phone Scrub Reduces Risk of TCPA Lawsuits

Benefits and Features

  • National directory assistance and cellular phone batches increase right-party contacts.

  •  POE Batch finds data for pre-litigation applications and leverages over 54 million records from multiple sources. 

  •  Cell Phone Scrub identifies wireless numbers in a user’s portfolio to reduce the risk of TCPA lawsuits.

  •  Bankruptcy Batch discovers and monitors debtors’ bankruptcy records.

What Users Say

“The information provided by Merlin was the unlisted phone number. The other databases did not have the phone number,” says Phillip Erkenbrack, Hassle Free Small Claims & Collection Service, “While the address did not appear on the judgment debtor’s credit report, because Merlin also provided the unlisted phone number, I was able to verify the address with a simple phone call. I could not be happier with the service Merlin is providing.”


Merlin offers a multitude of offline batching solutions to save users time and money including phone, wireless, alternative land lines, place of employment, relatives and business information. Merlin’s online skip tracing databases include listed, unlisted and wireless phone numbers, current and historical addresses, neighbors, relatives and possible associates and bankruptcies.

Merlin Information Services

Multi-Faceted Search Provides Location Info

VeriFacts has over two decades of skip tracing experience. The company uses both computer-based data retrieval as well as experienced skip tracing professionals to provide the credit and collection industry with location information. JobTrace is one of the company’s batch processes that returns the most probable direct employment phone numbers. The multi-faceted search combined with the system’s collection of employment sources returns places of employment throughout the nation, including company name, local telephone number and address. Upon a client’s request, VeriFacts will use its FTE to verify JobTrace data hits, returning only fully verified direct employment locates. Users can also implement a manual investigation in which VeriFacts uses the client’s traditional place of employment sources to create a 5-10% lift in return.

Benefits and Features

  • Each search is based on name, social security number and last-known address. 

  •  A direct employment location is returned.

  •  One billable hit may return up to six possible leads.

  •  Information is aggregated from countless sources that are updated each night. 

What Users Say

“The JobTrace program has afforded our firm with access to a wealth of employment information, which we have utilized in each phase of our collection practice,” says Patrick Lausen, audit/compliance manager, Litow Law Office, P.C., Cedar Rapids, IA. “Ultimately, the increase in post-judgment collections is what landed JobTrace at the front of our asset search waterfall. I would recommend to anyone looking for a practical way to increase their overall collections at a low cost.”


VeriFacts uses its proprietary data repository, search processes and phone inquiries combined with experienced skip tracing professionals who use existing databases from various national sources to improve clients’ collection revenues and return on investment (ROI).