Top Five Skip Tracing Solutions 2012

  • Written by Collection Advisor Magazine

topcalogoIntegrated Data Scrubbing, Scoring and Skip Tracing

Ultimate Find utilizes data scrubbing, skip tracing and a scoring automation solution. Searches for updated information are performed at pre-determined intervals on accounts in the collector’s system. Only qualified accounts receive updated information – allowing collectors to focus on working with debtors.

Ultimate Find uses the account status in a collector’s Columbia Ultimate software to indicate which data from the automated search should be returned. Accounts receive a maximum of five automated searches during the first 150 days in the system. After that time, collectors can continue to make individual, real-time requests as needed directly from the Collector Screen.

Benefits and Features

- An initial placement score is provided

- A late-stage score which includes attributes from activities performed is provided

- Automatic de-duping of phones and addresses

- Analytics and reporting on data quality and account activity

- Automated requests on predetermined intervals with ‘scripting’ for returned information in the system

- Recommends best practices for how to apply data and scoring in business

- Real-time lookup from the Collector Screen on individual accounts

What Users Say

Ultimate Find has revolutionized the way we look at our accounts – the level of data automation eliminates the need for manual intervention, allowing collectors to spend more time making contact with debtors,” said Michael A. Woodward, President of Professional Accounts Service, Inc.


Ultimate Find combines automation with collector options to allow resources to be used at the collector’s discretion. Best practice recommendations are made by the system to assure a skip tracing novice has the potential of an expert.

Columbia Ultimate





Probing for Up-To-Date Information

MasterFiles’ Probe360 brings with it data that is not just compiled but is aggregated, meaning that the information delivered is focused, current and relevant to the specific subject. The data is developed from a number of sources including credit bureaus, telephone companies, government records, public records, and through other established, useful resources. Because the data is partially-generated from protected consumer databases as well as public data, permissibility restrictions may apply depending upon the level of access granted.  The data is updated multiple times daily.

Benefits and Features

- Search by the subject’s Social Security Number to produce the individual’s name, current and former addresses, associated phone number, birth date, age, death date, link to any real property information, and link to relatives.

- Multiple Add-On report features available by selection:  Red Flag-Fraud Shield, FICO Credit Score, Collect Score, Income Insight, and BankruptcyPlus.

- The user can customize the output by any number of variables.  For example:  “Do Not Call” scrubs, New Home Owners by City/State/Zip, or new utility hookups by zip, or current residential phone numbers by area code, etc.

- Because MasterFiles maintains access to a variety of live data resources, collectors can customize and select output files by many different conditions and product categories, such as location, region, property value, statistics and status to name a few.

What Users Say

“MasterFiles has played an integral role in our company’s lead generation program by obtaining phone numbers based on the addresses we provide. This allows us to set our appointments more efficiently without a headache,” said Eileen Fortner, Assistant to Marketing at Florida Energy Water and Air. “The customer service team at MasterFiles expertly answers all our questions and even offers advice on how to improve our results.”


MasterFiles’ Probe360 focuses on providing aggregated data that is updated multiple times a day. The information is accompanied by multiple ways to retrieve, sort and highlight data to present a full credit profile of a debtor if needed.






Manned/Unmanned Verified Place of Employment

Merlin’s VPOE (Verified Place of Employment) supplies a name, address, business and/or residential phone, and SSN. Merlin will find a current place of employment, or verify business ownership, including employer’s name, address, and phone number.

Two tiers of verified VPOE are available, one that entails a high degree of automation and limited human involvement (Merlin's "VPOE") and another that entails little automation, is mostly manual and requires an experienced skip tracer (Merlin's "In-Depth POE").

Benefits and Features

- The locate rate is typically 5%–10% depending on the work that has been performed before the job is received.

- Locates are guaranteed for 90 days.

- Turnaround time is typically 10–30 business days. Large files possibly take longer depending on the workload at the time of submission. Verified locates are delivered on a weekly basis.

- VPOE is offered to qualified collection users who demonstrate a permissible purpose as defined by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley and Fair Credit Reporting Act. This service requires a site inspection and the execution of an FCRA contract.

What Users Say

“Due to their success rate, Merlin’s Verified Place of Employment product has become a significant part of our waterfall process of locating a judgment debtor’s employment information,” said Brad Klein, President of Paid In Full, Inc. “Merlin provides us with the information we need and their excellent support team has allowed us to specify exactly what type of information we need and they do it at a superior price point.  Great product, great service, great price – a trifecta not often obtained.”


Merlin supplies two tactics (Merlin's "VPOE" and Merlin's "In-Depth POE") that can help the user gauge the amount of attention and resources on a particular skip.

Merlin Information Services





Linking Algorithms Produce Scalable Solutions

TLOxp for Collections claims to leverage a database of trillions of records and unmatched linking algorithms to produce a new level in deep skip tracing tools to locate even hard to reach individuals and businesses that owe debt. It offers a completely scalable solution to small, mid-size, and the largest agencies without the commitment of signup fees, monthly fees or monthly minimums. Alternative pricing structures are also available for organizations that need a predictable monthly spend.

Benefits and Features

- 100% customizable reports allowing agencies to manage their skip tools to match their philosophies.

- Unmatched Data Sets – Relatives, Phones, POE and Assets.

- Batch Processing built to be a complete solution for any workflow process.

- Supported by trained customer service professionals twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. 

- No minimums, no obligations of usage, no monthly fees.

What users say

“Through the use of TLO’s online product, TLOxp®, and the strategic incorporation of their Batch Solutions, we have experienced a significant increase in consumer right party contacts, at a reduced cost. TLO has helped improve collection results for our clients while positively impacting our bottom line,” says Bob Duggan, Chief Operating Officer, American Coradius International LLC, Amherst, NY.  “Accuracy, speed, ease of use and incredible customer service have made it a priority for ACI to include TLO as a vendor of choice in our collection process.”


TLOxp for Collections offers skip tracing with a great deal of customizability and batch solutions using proprietary linking algorithms to maximize right-party contact.






Unique and Fresh Information

U.S. Tracers provides daily-updated Place of Employment (POE), Banking, Home Address, Contact Phone (wireless, landline, and work numbers), and Associates (people that know how to reach debtors) information. Customers include major banks, creditors, and debt buyers.

Since the provided data is timely, unique, and accessible, customers are able to design workflows to leverage the data within virtually any environment. A basic report has over 50 data points including highly predictive data that may be used to develop scoring models as well as perform wage garnishments and bank levies. Other uses include skip tracing, collections, pre-litigation due diligence, address validation, phone validation, and pre/post portfolio valuation (even when truncated).

Benefits and Features

- Account Monitoring:  Records are monitored and checked daily, weekly, or monthly. This feature allows US Tracers to “push the data” to users and their software.

- Notification: Users are notified of new monitoring hits as they occur within the interface and via e-mail alerts. 

- Access: ConstantSEE supports many access options to meet even the most demanding requirements including: Web site for interactive searches, highly flexible batch processing, and hybrid batch with Web-based result viewing and real-time verification functionality.

- Custom Software Integration: Web Services can be used to integrate with customer’s in-house or third party software (with working .NET and Java Sample Code).

- Unique Information: About 40% of the addresses are not in the major credit bureaus.  About 43% of the Associates information is less than a year old.

What Users Say

“US Tracers has always provided us a quality product for account resolution. RepoBOOST is an excellent tool that minimizes wasted time,” said John from a publicly traded debt buyer. “Information is at a collector’s fingertips where they can quickly take action. US Tracers has helped us on batches as well as expediting data for account resolution.”


US Tracers is an online database provider supplying location information. The company provides daily-updated Place of Employment, Banking, Home Address, Wireless and Landline Phone, and Associates information. 

U.S. Tracers