Top 5 Place of Employment Solutions 2014

  • Written by Collection Advisor

Cover Multiple Data Sources

- The most relevant, current records are listed at the top of the user’s results list.

- A single search can cover multiple data sources.

- Features the ability to remove duplicates of records and consolidate search results.

- Over-the-phone training and search assistance with online training instruction available via WebEx.

- A streamlined interface that searches millions of records simultaneously.

- Able to identify probable aliases the consumer might have.

- Also features My Workspace which has link-charts, mapping, and other analysis.

What Users Say
“Shortly after implementing CLEAR as the primary source of Skip Tracing data, our professional skip tracers started to see a 10% increase in their ability to make contact with the right people,” said Felipe Ossa, general manager at Assets Recovered. “Since implementing CLEAR in our skip trace process, our clients have seen a noticeable increase in our recovery rate for them. CLEAR saves us time from gathering the same information from various other sources and in our business, Time is Money! Thank you T.R. for such a good tool!”

CLEAR | Thomson Reuters | 800-262-0602



Aggregated Place of Employment

- U.S. Tracers aggregates their own Place of Employment data of small to large employers daily capturing more of the 6 million U.S. employers.

- Serves as a verified and guaranteed Place of Employment solution and features self-service reports.

- Features multiple inputs searched and linked for most actionable data. Users can create customizable search scenarios and export templates for different departments and account stages minimizing querying times and maximizing time with consumers for account resolution.

- Supports many access options including: website for interactive searches, batch processing, and hybrid batch with web-based result viewing and real-time verification functionality. Web Services can be used to integrate with users’ inhouse or third party software.

What Users Say
“We use CollectBOOST monthly to locate Place of Employment and Banking for wage garnishments and bank levies,” said Heather of a collection law firm in Colorado. “Our team views batch results online and uses the built-in validation features to verify POE hits – end result verified POE without the verified price. This hybrid batching approach allows us to resolve more accounts in a shorter time.”

CollectBOOST | U.S. Tracers | 800-360-5601



POE Info Up to Six Employers
SPOT POE Database / SPOT Verified POE

- Offers online, batch and web services access to place of employment data sourced from consumer lending applications in the short-term and alternative lending markets, bank headers, contributory trade line sources & additional third party compiled data.

- The proprietary database provides current and historical place-of-employment information on up to six employers, including the following information about each employer: employer phone number, name, and address.

- SPOT POE offers verified place of employment location services (SPOT Verified POE) through the in-house call center team. SPOT Verified POE requests are worked up to 30 days with no minimum file size and no minimum batch fee.

- All data derived and used by the skip trace and verification team to locate employers and complete each verification is returned, including detailed result codes, name and title of person confirming employment, and any additional notes recorded during each verification attempt to offer a clear understanding of all results.

What Users Say
“Accurate results…quick turnaround time…easy set-up,” said Jorge Gonzalez, president of Commercial Research and Recovery.

SPOT POE Database / SPOT Verified POE | MicroBilt | 800-884-4397



Fair Credit Reporting Act Compliant
Payroll Promise

- A verified full-time place of employment is returned to the user.

- Payroll Promise and its applications are compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

- Payroll Promise is designed to support a legal strategy.

- The information returned on submitted skips is guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

- A user’s/tracer’s verification notes are included along with a stamp of the date and time of the location.

- Users are charged a fee only when a submitted account receives a hit.

- Information on the submitted skips located are delivered to the user daily.

- Indicates consumer’s bankruptcy status and provides a case number

What Users Say
“With VeriFacts ‘Payroll Promise’, we were able to recover our ROI within 30 days,” said Clayton Gladd, managing partner at Brock & Scott. “With the 100% guarantee of correct hits and immediate results, VeriFacts' service should be included in every collection attorney's skip waterfall.”

Payroll Promise | VeriFacts | 800-542-7434



Send by Batch or Online
WorkPlace Locator

- Available in the batch platform and online as well.

- Batch processing sizes can reach the millions.

- The telephone numbers featured are updated daily from multiple sources.

- Search results are ranked and they include phonetic matches as well to avoid spelling limitations.

- The search service is charged per hit.

- Custom reports can be designed by the user to display specific data to cut down on information overloads.

- Also features coverage for real and personal property including property deeds, assessments and transfers.

- Users can start their search using the information you know, then use “Next Steps” and “We Also Found” options to get the best available contact information.

What Users Say
“We have found the results generated from the LexisNexis WorkPlace Locator database are far superior than any other vendor,” said R.C. James, president of Accutrac Nationwide Skip Tracing Coverage.

WorkPlace Locator | LexisNexis | 800-869-0751